Israel agrees to 4-hour daily military ‘ceasefire’ in Gaza – White House

Israel has agreed to implement four-hour daily pauses in the ongoing conflict with Hamas militants in the northern Gaza Strip, according to the White House. John Kirby, a spokesperson for […]

White House warns Israel on reoccupying Gaza

The White House reaffirmed its stance on Tuesday, opposing the reoccupation of Gaza by Israeli forces, following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent comments. Netanyahu had stated that Israel would […]

Gaza faces complete internet and phone shutdown

In Gaza, telecommunications and internet services have suffered another crippling blackout, marking the second such incident in less than a week, according to the Palestinian Telecommunications Company (Paltel). The agency, […]

New York police detain jewish protesters

In the aftermath of a large demonstration, where protesters took over the main hall of Grand Central Station to voice their opposition to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, the New York […]