Man arrested in Texas after killing five neighbors

Man arrested in Texas after killing five neighbors

Texas man arrested for allegedly killing five of his neighbours with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle after an argument about him practice-shooting nearby. Francisco Oropesa, 38, was arrested after being found in a home hiding “underneath some laundry”. All the victims were from Honduras, including a nine-year-old child.

The suspect was arrested for five counts of murder after a member of the public contacted the FBI tip line. The arrest was made just over an hour after the tip was received, and the person who phoned in the tip will receive a reward of $80,000 (£64,000) that authorities had offered for information leading to his arrest.

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The suspect was captured in a property just one county over, about 10 miles (16km) from where the shooting took place. The suspect was taken into custody by members of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit, or Bortac, a specialized unit. Officials have confirmed that no other people are in custody as of Tuesday evening, but those who were at the residence at the time of the arrest are being questioned.

A makeshift memorial has been placed outside the home where the shooting took place. The investigation is ongoing into how the suspect obtained the weapon used.

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