Singer Chike reveals why he won’t invite any lady who made a video in his house over again

Singer Chike reveals why he won't invite any lady who made a video in his house over again

Chike, Nigerian singer and songwriter, has revealed that he no longer invites ladies who record videos in his house over again. During a guest appearance on the Echoo Room audiovisual podcast, hosted by Quincy Jonze, the “Boo of the booless” singer stated that he usually politely asks ladies not to record or take pictures whenever they are in his mansion, but they still flout his request when he is not around.

Chike stated that he finds it irritating and may have to start asking ladies to drop their phones at the door before entering his house.

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He stated that although everyone has considerations and is human, he has to draw the line when his privacy is being violated. According to him, the video that they have made should be taken and the ladies can say whatever they want from the video. He stated that he won’t have the ladies over again if they do not adhere to his request.

Chike also said that he has no issue with them recording during intercourse, as long as it is between a man and a woman, and whatever they want to do with the video is their business.

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