Ondo’s Amotekun corps arrests 31 suspected criminals across the state

Ondo's Amotekun corps arrests 31 suspected criminals across the state

Amotekun Corps in Ondo State has arrested 31 suspects across the state on various criminal charges, including armed robbery, murder, kidnapping, rape, and violation of anti-grazing laws. The arrests were made at different locations across the state and the suspects were paraded at the headquarters of the corps in Akure, the state capital.

Speaking to reporters, the Corps Commander, Adetunji Adeleye, urged residents of the state to be vigilant and watch out for herdsmen who are trying to occupy forests in the state. He revealed that about 9,000 herdsmen attempted to enter the state recently through the border communities in Edo, Kogi, and Ekiti States with a large number of cattle to perpetrate crimes, but they were turned back. Adeleye also disclosed that only herdsmen who have registered with the state government would be allowed in the state.

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Adeleye emphasized the corps’ commitment to making the region uncomfortable for criminals and vowed that all the suspects paraded would be charged. He stated that the influx of herdsmen had been going on for a long time, especially in the last month, but the corps is working on different strategies to ensure that only legitimate herdsmen are allowed in the state.

The ones who are not supposed to be in the state would be driven out of the forests while efforts are being made towards the border towns because the majority of those who found their way to Ondo came through Ekiti State, according to him.

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