Cervical cancer vaccine will be available soon – Phizer

Cervical cancer vaccine will be available soon - Phizer

According to a statement released by Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company believes that cervical cancer may be the first cancer to be eradicated by a vaccine.

The statement was released in commemoration of World Immunisation Week, and the Medical Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Kodjo Soroh, emphasized the need to invest in vaccine research and development.

He pointed out that vaccines have successfully helped to eradicate, eliminate, and manage many deadly infectious diseases in the past, such as smallpox and polio, and now they have the potential to eliminate cervical cancer.

In addition to their role in preventing infectious diseases, vaccines also play a critical role in combating antimicrobial resistance. By preventing bacterial and viral infections, vaccines can reduce the need for antibiotics and prevent secondary infections that require antibiotic treatment.

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Soroh emphasized that the benefits of vaccines are not limited to protecting individuals who receive them. Vaccination also has a community-wide impact by reducing the spread of preventable diseases and protecting individuals who are unable to receive certain vaccines due to age or health conditions.

While global vaccination coverage has improved in recent years, inequalities still exist, and efforts must be made to develop and distribute vaccines worldwide.

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