Bakhmut defenders fear losing support in Ukraine war

Bakhmut defenders fear losing support in Ukraine war

The Ukrainian military is experiencing a severe shortage of ammunition and spare parts for its weapons, including the Buk air defense system.

Volodymyr, the commander of the 17th Tank Battalion, notes that his unit is unable to provide adequate fire support due to a lack of ammunition. The Ukrainian military is relying on foreign sources for missile supplies, with some coming from the Czech Republic, Romania, and Pakistan. However, Volodymyr complains that the rockets from Pakistan are of poor quality.

The Ukrainian military has been calling for more weapons and ammunition as it prepares for a major offensive against Russian forces. Despite the recent arrival of new weapons, such as tanks and armored vehicles, Ukraine remains heavily reliant on its older, Soviet-era arsenal.

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The Buk air defense system is still one of Ukraine’s prized possessions, and it is being heavily protected as it is a primary target for Russia. The Buk commander, Josef, notes that Ukraine is facing difficulty maintaining the Buk due to a lack of spare parts, and the factories that produce them are not in Ukraine.

Both Ukraine and Russia are struggling to feed their respective front lines. While Russia is getting closer to capturing Bakhmut, it is facing enormous costs, and Ukraine is desperately holding on to the edges of the city.

Although the Ukrainian military is preparing for a major offensive, it is still having to expend significant resources just to maintain its position. The long-standing conflict has resulted in a shortage of resources and supplies, and both sides are facing difficulties in arming and equipping new units for the expected offensive.

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Josef, the Buk commander, disputes some of the contents of the leaked US intelligence reports, claiming that Russia has always known about the capabilities of Ukraine’s armed forces. He questions whether the reports have revealed any secrets and notes that Ukraine needs more Buk air defense systems to protect against Russian attacks.

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