St. Racheal’s Pharma urges Tinubu to implement free malaria management programme as subsidy palliative

St. Racheal's Pharma urges Tinubu to implement free malaria management programme as subsidy palliative

St. Racheal’s Pharma has called on President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu to implement a Free Malaria Management Programme as part of his proposed fuel subsidy palliative project. The company urged the incoming administration to prioritize malaria, which is the most prevalent ailment in Nigeria and accounts for 27% of infections and deaths in the country.

The proposed malaria management initiative would offer free malaria management to everyone in all parts of the country, thereby reducing unnecessary deaths from the disease and improving life expectancy in Nigeria.

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According to the 2021 World Malaria Report, Nigeria also accounts for 55.2% of cases in West Africa. However, responses to the disease have not made remarkable progress due to the lack of political will to enthrone a malaria-free country. St. Racheal’s Pharma is in resonance with the call by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on countries to build more resilient programmes to address the menace of malaria.

St. Racheal’s Pharma, as a corporate entity, promotes good health in Nigeria and the African continent through information, education, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and supply of quality pharmaceutical brands. The company believes that the proposed Free Malaria Management Programme is an urgent step that the incoming administration could embrace to address the huge burden of malaria in Nigeria.

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The theme for this year’s World Malaria Day, ‘Time to deliver zero malaria, invest, innovate, implement’, was considered apt, given Nigeria’s huge burden of the disease. Therefore, St. Racheal’s Pharma urges the new government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to adopt a more radical approach by instituting and implementing a compulsory free malaria management initiative to achieve the nation’s strategic plan.

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