Bobrisky confesses to having a massive crush on Wizkid

Bobrisky confesses to having a massive crush on Wizkid

Bobrisky, a controversial Nigerian transgender and LGBT figure, has revealed her admiration for popular Nigerian musician, Wizkid, whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.

In a post on her SnapChat account, Bobrisky expressed that she has been crushing on Wizkid for years, stating that he is the only man in Nigeria she has a huge crush on. Despite her infatuation with him, Bobrisky insists that her focus will not be deterred, and that she did not appear desperate when she saw him at Eko Hotel a few weeks ago.

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Bobrisky also disclosed that she did not follow him on social media but admitted that she dreamt of him recently. Bobrisky also expressed confidence that she will meet Wizkid in person someday. The social media sensation had earlier revealed during an interview that she is interested in dating wealthy men such as CEOs and politicians who can pay bills, even if they are fraudsters or monkeys.

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