National Population Commission server never hacked – Rep.

National Population Commission server never hacked - Rep.

The Federal Commissioner of the National Population Commission in Kogi State, Professor Habibat Isah, has stated that the server being prepared for the 2023 Population and Housing census will be highly secured, and no one will be able to hack into it. She debunked the rumors that the server had been hacked, despite numerous attempts by hackers to break into it.

Professor Isah revealed in a press conference in Lokoja on Tuesday that the level of security measures being put in place would make it very difficult for anyone, no matter how intelligent, to break into the server.

According to Professor Isah, the National Population Commission has learned from the experience of the Independent National Electoral Commission in the last elections, and has put additional security measures in place to protect the server. She emphasized that the server is one of the most important aspects of the census and that it must be protected from being hacked.

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The census will be conducted using Android devices, and once the information is obtained, it will go directly to the server.

Professor Isah explained that the census is a tool for national development, and no serious government should take it lightly. She also mentioned that the leadership of the commission would meet with the Federal Government at the Federal Executive Council meeting to brief the executive arm of the government about the level of preparedness.

To ensure the success of the program, the commission has conducted a series of training sessions for different stakeholders, including the Federal Commissioners, state directors, and other officials of the commission.

The most recent training for Federal Commissioners was held in Port Harcourt, and continuous training is ongoing for state directors and other officials.

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