Meghan Trainor apologizes for controversial remarks about teachers

Meghan Trainor apologizes for controversial remarks about teachers

Meghan Trainor has issued an apology for her “careless” remarks about teachers after she provoked controversy last week by exclaiming “F**k teachers!” during a discussion about parenthood on her podcast, “Workin’ On It.”

The singer-songwriter admitted that she was “fired up” over the recent school shootings in the United States and the impact it has had on the education system. Trainor made the comment during a conversation with guest Trisha Paytas, who spoke about her negative experiences with educators as well as fears over potential bullies.

The comments sparked a backlash from teachers, including TikTok user @GalsGotMoxie, who said she was disappointed by Trainor’s “mean” and “out of touch take.” In response, Trainor addressed her comments in a TikTok video, acknowledging that her intention was never to disregard the importance of those working in the education system.

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In the video, Trainor revealed that both she and her husband, actor Daryl Sabara, were previously bullied by teachers and that experience played into her comment.

However, she reiterated that her remark was not directed at all teachers and that she loves and fights for teachers, who she believes have the hardest job and are the most underpaid and unappreciated despite raising all of us. She went on to express her regret for her words and promised to be more careful in the future.

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