Electricity generation in Nigeria falls below 4,000MW, leading to limited power supply and a possible nationwide blackout

Over the weekend, power generation in Nigeria dropped below 4,000 megawatts, causing limited electricity supply to customers across the country.

According to data from the National System Operator, only 18 out of the 25 power plants in the country supplied power to the grid, resulting in a 18.6% drop in power generation as of 12 noon.

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The biggest drop was recorded by Azura-Edo IPP, which generated 256MW, down from 403.18MW recorded the previous week.

Egbin Power, Delta Power, and Kainji Hydro were the biggest suppliers to the grid.

Electricity distribution companies blamed the situation on problems with transmission facilities, while Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc reported that the amount owed to the generation companies was N202.6 billion, with GenCos owed another N24.22 billion for power supplied to the grid in January 2023.

Many nigerians expressed their frustration on social media amidst controversies surrounding fuel subsidy removal which might cause more hardship alongside no power supply again.

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