Air Peace is prepared to evacuate Nigerians who are stranded in Sudan

Air Peace, Nigeria’s largest domestic airline, has expressed its willingness to evacuate stranded Nigerians in Sudan for free.

This offer is in response to the ongoing unrest in the country, particularly in the North-East region. The airline is aware of the plight of Nigerian students and other citizens who are currently stranded in the war-torn nation and believes they need assistance.

The airline had previously carried out a similar evacuation exercise in 2019 during the xenophobic attacks on African immigrants in South Africa.

Allen Onyema, the Chairman of Air Peace, has pledged to ensure that Nigerians are safe and has proposed to evacuate them to a neighbouring country since Sudan’s airspace is closed for civil aviation flights.

Onyema believes that urgent action needs to be taken, and the government should not be solely responsible for the evacuation. The airline is ready to help out in any way possible to ensure that Nigerian citizens stranded in Sudan are safe and secure.

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Air Peace’s willingness to evacuate stranded Nigerians in Sudan for free is a commendable effort, especially given the current situation in the country.

The North-East region of Sudan is experiencing a civil war, which has led to displacement, loss of lives, and property, leaving many citizens stranded and unable to return home.

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