Arewa Youth urges the Federal Government to rescue Nigerians trapped in Sudan

Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has urged the Nigerian government to take immediate action to rescue Nigerians trapped in Sudan.

In a statement issued by the National President of the group, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, the youths expressed their dissatisfaction with the Federal Government’s response to the plight of Nigerians stuck in Sudan.

The AYCF called on the government to take steps to ameliorate their situation.

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According to Shettima, it is unacceptable that Nigeria, as the most populous African nation, is the only country giving excuses while other nations are evacuating their citizens.

He highlighted the plight of many Nigerian students, particularly those from the North, who are stranded in Sudan. The Nigerian Embassy’s claim that it is challenging to evaluate them was rejected by the group.

Shettima pointed out that the Sudanese government had already warned that the situation would escalate and had given a 72-hour ultimatum for countries to evacuate their citizens.

He questioned why Nigeria did not take advantage of this ultimatum, and why the government continues to offer excuses instead of taking action.

The group further stated that if Nigerian students are harmed or killed in the unrest, the Nigerian Embassy in Sudan should be held responsible.

The AYCF called on the government to take urgent action to rescue Nigerians trapped in Sudan, particularly the students.

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The situation in Sudan has been fraught with violence and instability, with the military coup in October 2021 leading to an ongoing political crisis. The situation has caused widespread protests, and the Sudanese government has been accused of human rights violations.

Several African countries have already evacuated their citizens from Sudan due to the crisis, but the Nigerian government has been criticized for its lack of action.

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