Joe Biden’s delay in congratulating Tinubu raises doubts 55 days after Nigeria’s general election

Joe Biden's delay in congratulating Tinubu raises doubts 55 days after Nigeria's general election

It has been over 50 days since Nigeria’s presidential election was held on February 25th, but United States President Joe Biden has yet to congratulate the alleged winner, Bola Tinubu.

The election was reportedly marred by widespread violence and rigging across the country, highlighting the apparent incompetence of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the body responsible for conducting elections in Nigeria.

However, Tinubu’s eligibility for the presidency has been called into question due to his ongoing legal battles related to drug trafficking and recent revelations of his dual citizenship. The Nigerian Constitution prohibits dual citizenship for individuals seeking the presidency, raising concerns about his eligibility for the position.

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Despite these challenges, Tinubu’s supporters remain optimistic about his chances of assuming the presidency. They argue that he has the necessary experience and expertise to lead the country and address its pressing economic and security challenges. However, critics contend that his past actions and ongoing legal issues raise serious questions about his suitability for the position.

The delay in Biden’s congratulatory message has also raised eyebrows among political analysts, with some speculating that it may be due to concerns over the credibility of the election or doubts about Tinubu’s eligibility for the presidency. Others argue that it may simply be a matter of protocol or that the U.S. government is awaiting the official results of the election before taking any action.

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The situation remains uncertain, with questions about the legitimacy of the election and Tinubu’s eligibility for the presidency still unresolved. Until these issues are addressed, Nigeria’s political future remains uncertain.

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