CDQ explains why many women are single

CDQ explains why many women are single

In a recent video message shared via his Instastory, Nigerian rapper CDQ explained why many women are single. According to the rapper, women are single because of bad advice from bad friends and ill assumptions.

He elaborated that when women meet a man who confesses his love to them, calls them every day and night, and buys them flowers, they may assume that the man no longer loves them when these things are reduced after they’ve fallen in love.

However, CDQ stated that men’s brains are wired to think about hustle all the time and not about love. Men, he said, are only trying to win women over initially, but after they are together, they move on to the next thing. CDQ also added that women are wired to love, while men are wired to hustle.

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CDQ’s statement sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some agreeing with him and others disagreeing. Some people felt that his statement was gender-biased, while others agreed with his perspective. Regardless, the rapper’s comments have reignited discussions about the dynamics of relationships and why some women remain unmarried

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