Chelsea defender, Thiago Silva, calls for the club to “stop and put a strategy in place

Chelsea defender, Thiago Silva, calls for the club to "stop and put a strategy in place

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva has called for the club to develop a strategy to avoid another difficult campaign next season. Despite spending approximately £550m on transfers, Chelsea is currently 11th in the Premier League and will end the season without a trophy after being defeated by Real Madrid in the Champions League.

The club has sacked two managers this season and looks set to miss out on European qualification for the second time in 25 seasons. Silva stated that the club needs to “stop and put a strategy in place, otherwise next season we could make the same mistakes”.

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Silva, who is 38 years old, added that there are “amazing players within the squad, but on the other hand there is always players that are going to be unhappy”. Silva also highlighted the club’s need for more “heroes” and less of a reliance on individual players.

Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has also commented on the current state of the club, stating that he does not “recognise my club”. Drogba won 12 major honours between 2004 and 2012 under previous owner Roman Abramovich, whose generous backing turned the Blues into serial trophy winners.

However, the club was sold last year after Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government over alleged links to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Drogba stated that the club lacks charismatic players and leaders who can take responsibility, and that the current strategy is to bet on young players.

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Former Chelsea midfielder Gus Poyet stated that the club is no longer operating under the same transfer strategy that was in place under Abramovich. Poyet added that the club was previously focused on acquiring players who could perform immediately, whereas the current focus seems to be on young players who may have a future impact.

Frank Lampard, the former Chelsea midfielder and manager, stated that the club is not “broken” but that there are reasons for the transition, and that Chelsea will be “back” soon.

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