Fashola reveals that Tinubu is “very nocturnal” and does his best work at night

Fashola reveals that Tinubu is "very nocturnal" and does his best work at night

Babatunde Fashola, former governor of Lagos State and current Minister of Works and Housing, revealed in an interview on Channels TV that the schedule of President-elect Bola Tinubu is extremely demanding, with day and night commitments.

Fashola, who previously served as Tinubu’s chief of staff, described Tinubu as “very nocturnal” and stated that he often stays awake at night to do his best work. Fashola also shared that managing Tinubu’s schedule was a challenging task due to his round-the-clock activities.

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He advised those planning to work with Tinubu to be prepared for his intense work style and be ready to assert their own boundaries, as Tinubu is known to encroach on others’ time during late hours.

This insight offers a glimpse into the work habits and expectations of the President-elect, shedding light on his work ethic and management style.

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