Residents left stranded as flood destroys bridge

Residents left stranded as flood destroys bridge

Residents of Denro Community in the Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State are facing challenges accessing their homes and neighboring communities due to a recent flood that destroyed the bridge connecting them. The bridge, which had been showing signs of distress for a while, finally collapsed during a heavy downpour on Monday, as reported by our correspondent who visited the area on Thursday.

Some residents have resorted to using a makeshift bridge made of a long iron rod placed across the river, while others are too scared to take the risk and are looking on. Parents in the area have stopped their children from crossing the bridge unaccompanied due to safety concerns, as some fear falling into the river.

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Tunde Orunsolu, a resident, expressed fear over the state of the road and called on the government to come to their aid. He mentioned that it is risky for both adults and children to pass the road due to the river, and many have been advised to avoid traveling on the route at night to avoid danger.

A source from the state Ministry of Works and Infrastructure stated that the abandoned bridge would soon be completed, although the state Commissioner for Works, Ade Akinsanya, was yet to reply to inquiries as of the time of filing this report on Thursday.

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