Sudan misses deadline for establishment of civilian-led transitional government

When will Sudan’s ruling junta and civilian groups establish a civilian-led transitional government?

The signatories of the Framework agreement, aimed at organizing a gradual transfer of power to civilians, have missed a deadline to progress towards a return to democracy.

As per the timeline set by the parties, a new prime minister and institutions of the transitional authority were supposed to be announced on Tuesday (Apr. 11).

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However, the deadline has lapsed as the parties failed twice to sign a final transition deal due to disagreements on the integration of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) into the army.

The main point of contention revolves around the “command and control” of the committee tasked with overseeing the reorganization, as highlighted by Yassir Arman, a member of an umbrella group of pro-democracy factions, on Twitter Wednesday (Apr. 5).

The army and the RSF have not responded to The Associated Press’ request for comment regarding this issue.

Adding to the concerns, divisions between Sudan’s deputy leader, who is also the RSF commander, and the military chief and de facto head of Sudan, raise fears of potential confrontations between the army and the RSF. Both forces have recently amassed troops and weapons in and around Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.

The army has increased its presence in the city center, positioning armored vehicles at almost all junctions leading to the country’s presidential palace.

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In addition to the internal conflicts, there are other challenges to overcome.

The Framework agreement, which was signed in December, has faced opposition from various political players, including former rebel leaders and grassroots pro-democracy networks, despite efforts to broker a resolution.

Sudan has been plunged into chaos following a military coup in October 2021, which resulted in the removal of the government

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