Peter Obi detained by UK immigration officials in London for hours on allegations of impersonation. Read full story!

Peter Obi detained by UK immigration officials in London for hours on allegations of impersonation. Read full details!

Presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Mr Peter Obi, was allegedly detained by UK immigration officials upon landing at Heathrow Airport on Friday. Prof Chinyere Okunna, a renowned Mass Communications scholar and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Paul University Awka, who is a confidant of Obi, revealed this information. Okunna, who previously worked with Obi as commissioner for information, commissioner for economic planning, and coordinating commissioner for development partners, shared the details of Obi’s ordeal on Wednesday.

According to Okunna, Obi, who has lived in the UK for an extended period, was stopped and interrogated for hours before being handed a detention note and told to wait for further investigation. This unusual treatment left Obi in pain and distress, as it seemed to be part of a pattern of harassment to force him out of Nigeria. Some well-meaning Nigerians raised their voices in protest, demanding answers for the mistreatment of Obi.

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Okunna further revealed that the immigration officials claimed someone was impersonating Obi in the country, as his identity was found to be duplicated. This revelation raised serious concerns about the potential implications and dangers of such impersonation, including framing Obi for criminal activities. Obi has already faced intimidation, emotional torture, phone tapping, surveillance, and false accusations in Nigeria.

Despite the challenges, Obi remains determined to pursue his chosen path and fulfill the expectations of well-meaning people in Nigeria and beyond. Okunna expressed her apologies for breaking the confidentiality of Obi’s ordeal but stated that history beckons and she cannot remain silent.

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As Obi narrated his “Heathrow tale of woe” to Okunna at Nkpor, it was evident that he was in severe pain and under unbearable stress. However, he remains resolute in his pursuit of his goals. The situation highlights the need for further investigation into the impersonation and mistreatment of Obi, as well as the protection of his rights and safety.

The alleged detention of Peter Obi by UK immigration officials upon his arrival in Heathrow Airport has raised serious concerns about the harassment and challenges he has faced. As a presidential candidate and prominent figure in Nigeria, Obi’s well-being, rights, and safety should be safeguarded, and a thorough investigation into the impersonation should be conducted to prevent any further harm or injustice