Multiple heartbreaks haunt singer Lojay’s romantic journey

Multiple heartbreaks haunt singer Lojay's romantic journey

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Lojay, opens up about heartbreaks in recent podcast interview, revealing his romantic nature but also admitting to suffering multiple heartbreaks, leading to a recent breakup due to unreciprocated feelings for someone else. Lojay, also known as Lekan Osifeso Jnr, was featured as a guest on the Moni Talks audiovisual podcast hosted by Moni Osibodu.

He expressed disappointment with himself for being vulnerable and wearing his heart on his sleeve, but realizing it hasn’t been working in his favor. Despite being a romantic guy, Lojay revealed that he has experienced heartbreaks in his current stage of life. He further shared that he is currently single, hinting at his emotional journey of love and relationships.

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As a talented singer-songwriter, Lojay’s honest revelations about his personal experiences with heartbreaks provide insights into his emotional vulnerability and reflect his relatable journey with love and relationships