Israel Adesanya describes Nigeria as a highly corrupt country

Israel Adesanya, the renowned mixed martial artist of New Zealander-Nigerian descent, recently expressed his views on Nigeria, describing it as a country with deep-rooted corruption.

In a recent appearance on the popular Hut Boxin’ audiovisual podcast, Adesanya spoke about his love for Nigerians but also highlighted numerous red flags that exist in the country.

During the podcast, Adesanya expressed his concern about the desperate attempts by Nigerian leaders to embezzle public funds. He stated, “Nigeria is a very corrupt place.

I love my people, but the government is constantly trying to find ways to siphon money.” Adesanya’s comments shed light on the pervasive issue of corruption that persists in Nigeria.

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Adesanya’s deep connection to Nigeria was also evident in his recent victory at UFC 287 on April 9, 2023. In the fight against his long-time opponent Alex Pereira, Adesanya proudly donned the Nigerian flag and emerged victorious with a knockout, thus reclaiming his Middleweight title.

As a result of his win, Adesanya received a substantial payout of $3.18 million, making him the third highest-paid UFC Fighter at present, only surpassed by Conor McGregor and Jon Jones. This significant sum marks Adesanya’s highest-ever payout in his illustrious career.

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Israel Adesanya’s candid remarks about Nigeria’s corruption, his love for the Nigerian people, and his remarkable achievements in the UFC ring have solidified his status as a prominent figure in the world of mixed martial arts.

As an athlete who proudly represents both New Zealand and Nigeria, Adesanya continues to make his mark in the octagon while passionately advocating for positive change in his home country.

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