California mother confronts school district over her 11-year-old child’s gender transition without her knowledge

California mother confronts school district over her 11-year-old child's gender transition without her knowledge

A woman based in California expresses outrage over her daughter’s school district’s “parental secrecy policy” that allows gender counseling without parental notification, revealing a bribery scandal rocking the school system.

Aurora Regino shares how her 11-year-old daughter underwent a female-to-male transition at her Chico Unified School District elementary school without her knowledge, as the guidance counselor kept her in the dark during the entire process. Despite efforts to advocate for “more parental inclusion,” the school board ultimately voted 3-2 to maintain the controversial policy.

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Regino, who is currently suing the district for withholding information about her daughter’s identity and transition, condemns the policy as “incredibly dangerous” and highlights the impact it had on her daughter’s well-being, including bullying and lack of family support.

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She stresses that children as young as pre-kindergarten, approximately five years old, are affected by this policy that extends through the 12th grade, which she deems as “incredibly damaging” and lacking parental guidance during a crucial stage of children’s lives.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends First,” Regino shares her determination to speak out on behalf of her family and others with similar experiences, shedding light on what is happening in public schools. She describes the policy as a “crazy” one that needs to be addressed, and highlights the hard-fought struggle to advance parental rights in the area.

Regino’s efforts to challenge the “parental secrecy policy” and seek justice for her daughter’s experience shed light on the bribery scandal and lack of transparency in the school system.

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Her advocacy aims to bring attention to the need for parental involvement in decisions related to their children’s gender identity and expression, especially at a young age. The controversy surrounding this policy in California serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and debates surrounding gender identity and parental rights in educational settings.

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