Amidst ongoing unrest, Ethiopia imposes curfew in major northern city

Amidst ongoing unrest, Ethiopia imposes curfew in major northern city

Ethiopia’s Gonder city in the northern region of Amhara is under curfew, as local officials revealed on Monday. In an effort to maintain security, auto-rickshaws are prohibited from operating between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., and bars and nightclubs must close by 9 p.m., as announced by the Gonder city administration command post in a press statement.

The curfew comes amid ongoing protests across the Amhara region that started last week, opposing the federal government’s plan to disarm the region’s special forces. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated on Sunday via social media that the government intends to incorporate special forces from the country’s 11 regional states into other regional security structures, with the goal of establishing a strong and united security system.

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As part of the curfew measures, individuals outside authorized security forces structures are also prohibited from carrying firearms or crude sharp objects. The government’s decision to enforce the curfew aims to maintain peace and order in Gonder city during this period of heightened tension.

Ethiopia is closely monitoring the situation in Gonder and taking necessary measures to ensure public safety. It is important for all residents and visitors to adhere to the curfew regulations and cooperate with authorized security forces to maintain peace and security in the region. The government is committed to resolving the ongoing issues in a peaceful and inclusive manner, taking into consideration the concerns of all parties involved.

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