Enugu state government shuts down hotel where INEC issued certificates of return. Read full story!


The Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) has taken action against the Bon Platinum hotel hall, where the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recently issued certificates of return to Enugu’s Governor-Elect, Peter Mbah, his deputy, Ifeanyi Ossai, and 17 elected House of Assembly members.

This action by the ECTDA was triggered by a loud bang that occurred during the presentation ceremony, causing pandemonium and a stampede as attendees fled the building in fear of a potential collapse. Although the process of issuing the certificates of return was eventually completed, the incident raised concerns about the structural integrity of the building.

Following the incident, the ECTDA conducted an inspection of the facility and discovered that the building had no approved plan, and that the hotel’s management was eager to hold another function on the same distressed hall without resolving the structural issues.

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The chairman of the ECTDA, Dr. Josef Onoh, explained that the proprietor of the hotel had refused to wait for the Nigeria Society of Engineers to conduct an inspection before holding the wedding ceremony, prompting the authority to seal off the hall and another building being developed at the back.

According to Dr. Onoh, the hotel’s management was not exercising patience in allowing the authority to conclude its investigation of the facility. Instead, they were eager to hold another event in the distressed hall without addressing the structural issues that caused the loud bang during the certificate of return issuance.

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He further stated that the hotel proprietor had collected a significant amount for the event, yet was unwilling to relocate to another venue for safety reasons. This action by the ECTDA highlights the importance of ensuring that public buildings are safe and structurally sound before hosting events, particularly high-profile ones such as the issuance of certificates of return to elected officials.

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