Alabama police charges horse with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest following a two-hour pursuit


Police in Alabama have recently made headlines after charging a horse with “resisting arrest” following a two-hour pursuit. Body cam footage was also released, showing officers attempting to capture the escaped pony.

According to a statement released by the Tuscaloosa Police department, they had received a report that the pony was roaming free in the Alberta neighborhood at around 10 pm on March 20th. However, the pony proved to be extremely unwilling to go with the officers, even when offered pizza crusts and peppermints.

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In the footage, one officer was seen trying to hurl a rope over the pony’s head as it tried to get away. After nearly two hours, the pony was eventually captured and taken to a riding school, although it is still unclear who owns it.

Despite the unusual circumstances, the Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa riding school has taken the pony in and named it Ginuwine. The school has also decided to use the pony’s newfound fame to generate additional revenue, announcing on Facebook that it will be available for visitors during their upcoming Easter egg hunt.

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While the charges of criminal trespassing and resisting arrest may seem unusual, the police department is taking them seriously. The pony’s bond has been set at $800, and it remains to be seen how the case will play out. Regardless, it seems that Ginuwine is now settling into his new home at the riding school, and hopefully, he will continue to capture the hearts of those who hear his story.

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