PRP candidate in Kano, Yakasai congratulates the governor-elect


In a statement released by Suhaib Auwal Gwagwarwa, the spokesperson for Salihu Yakasai, the Kano State governorship candidate for the Peoples Redemption Party congratulated Abba Yusuf on his victory in the gubernatorial election held on Saturday.

Yakasai expressed his optimism that Yusuf, who belongs to the NNPP, would use his experience to bring development to the state. The statement further urged Yusuf to work hard to improve the reputation of Kano state, which has suffered setbacks in various areas of development. Yakasai also expressed his gratitude to party leaders, supporters, family, friends, and all those who voted for him.

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Yakasai’s statement highlighted the need for a concerted effort to address the developmental challenges facing Kano state. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between the government and the people in order to achieve meaningful progress and ensure that the state reaches its full potential.

Furthermore, Yakasai expressed his commitment to working with Yusuf and other leaders in the state towards achieving a brighter future for the people of Kano. He pledged to continue advocating for the interests of the people and contributing to the development of the state in whatever way possible.

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