Soldier allegedly stabs a Lagosian to death over a 100 Naira ticket


According to reports, a soldier of yet unknown identity has been accused of stabbing ticket agent Ibrahim Ikudaisi, also known as “Guardian,” to death in Oshodi, Lagos over a dispute regarding a N100 ticket. The altercation allegedly started when Ikudaisi was demanding a levy from traders in a market and one trader refused to pay.

The soldier reportedly intervened to prevent the collection of money, which resulted in a heated argument and the use of a knife by the soldier. Eyewitness Adenike Ajayi stated that the soldier fled after realizing that Ikudaisi had lost consciousness. Ikudaisi was taken to the hospital but later died due to his injuries.

The soldier fled to a cantonment where other soldiers prevented his capture. The police have launched an investigation into the incident, while the army claims it was an attack by hoodlums on the soldier.

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Reactions to the news have been mixed, with some expressing shock and frustration that a life was needlessly taken. A trader named Adeniji Olawole said that soldiers in Oshodi have a history of being violent with locals and that the death of Ikudaisi is an unfortunate example of this trend.

A lawyer named Todimu Ige pointed out that the military’s duty is to protect the country and not to be involved in altercations with civilians. The right to life, according to Ige, is protected by the constitution and the appropriate action should be taken to investigate the murder and bring the culprit to justice.

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