United Kingdom imposes new sanctions on Russian top companies

vladimir putin

The UK has imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine. A number of companies and prominent figures have been targeted in the latest round of sanctions. Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has stated that these new sanctions will increase the economic pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The targeted organizations and businesses are said to be essential to the Russian military and its invasion of Ukraine. Companies such as CST, a drone manufacturer, and RT-Komplekt, which produces parts for helicopters used in the conflict, have been sanctioned. Other companies, such as Oboronlogistics, Universalmash, Lipetsk, and software firm Topaz, have also been affected.

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Cleverly stated that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine must be stopped, and the new sanctions will put further pressure on Putin by undermining his war machine. The individuals who have been sanctioned are connected to Putin through financial networks, according to the Foreign Office. These include Boris Titov, Viktor Myachin, Nikolay Egorov, Sergey Rudnov, Svetlana Krivonogikh, Alexey Repik, Evgeny Shkolov, Pavel Titov, and others.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, over 1,300 individuals and organizations have been sanctioned by the UK through a combination of asset freezes, travel bans, and transport sanctions.

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