Sonia Ekweremadu request to be exempt from the ongoing trial her parents are involved in denied by Justice Johnson in the UK. Read full story!


Sonia Ekweremadu, the daughter of former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, failed in her attempt to be exempt from the trial her parents are facing in the United Kingdom.

Justice Johnson at the Old Bailey dismissed Sonia’s request to avoid standing trial with her father and mother, who are facing charges of conspiracy to harvest organs.

Sonia appeared in court with her mother, while her father participated in the proceedings via video link. The judge ruled that Sonia was capable of participating in a seven-week criminal trial, despite her defense barrister’s argument that she was medically and psychologically unfit.

sonia ekweremadu
Sonia Ekweremadu

The defense and Crown prosecutor presented expert witness testimony and reports in court to support their respective arguments. The defense’s expert witness, a professor based in Manchester, testified that Sonia had developed a kidney condition at a young age, leading to her dependence on dialysis treatment until she could receive a kidney transplant. This treatment had placed psychological, mental, and medical burdens on her, according to the professor.

The Crown’s expert witness, Dr. Andrews, testified that despite the residual symptoms of dialysis, Sonia was still capable of attending trial if the court schedule was adjusted to accommodate her treatment.

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Despite acknowledging the toll that the treatment takes on Sonia, the judge ruled that there was no evidence to suggest that her recovery or clinical care would be impacted by standing trial. As a result, the application was dismissed.

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