Unrest has erupted as a Cameroon radio host goes missing


Concerns have risen regarding the whereabouts of Cameroon radio journalist, Martinez Zogo. Reports indicate that he was abducted and his car was found severely damaged outside of a police station in a suburb of Yaounde, the Cameroonian capital. Media watchdog Reporters without Borders (RSF) has condemned the abduction and called on authorities to take action to locate him.

Zogo, who is the head of Amplitude FM and host of the popular daily program Embouteillage (Gridlock), had recently exposed alleged embezzlement within the government, naming specific officials and citing specific amounts. The Cameroon government has stated that Zogo is currently not at his home or place of work, and an investigation is currently ongoing.

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However, sources report that the investigation has not yet provided any information about his whereabouts. The head of the opposition Cameroon People’s Party, Kah Walla, has stated that Zogo disappeared as his program was focusing on financial scandals involving individuals in high positions who were accused of stealing from the Cameroonian state.

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