Barber electrocuted in Enugu while vandalizing community transformer


The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has confirmed that a barber was killed while attempting to vandalize a transformer in Nsukka on January 14, 2023. The incident happened in the Ede-Oballa area of the Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State.

The company identified the deceased as Tochukwu Onah, a local resident. Emeka Ezeh, the Head of Corporate Communications for EEDC, described the incident as unfortunate and said that the suspect’s body was found near a transformer that had already had its cables severed.

Ezeh also mentioned that vandalism has been a significant challenge for the company, and it cannot address it alone without the support of the community. He called on the public to be aware of potential vandals in their neighborhoods and also noted that none of the arrested suspects have been identified as EEDC employees.

The EEDC also emphasized that vandalizing transformers is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous, as it can cause serious injury or death. The company urged the public to report any suspicious activity or individuals attempting to vandalize transformers to the authorities.

In addition, EEDC is taking steps to improve security around its infrastructure and increase patrols in areas that are prone to vandalism. The company also plans to work with local leaders and community members to educate people about the dangers of transformer vandalism and the importance of electricity for the community.

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EEDC expressed condolences to Onah’s family and hopes that this incident serves as a deterrent to others who engage in acts of sabotage that disrupt power in the community. The company also emphasized that it will continue to work to prevent vandalism and ensure a stable power supply for all its customers.

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