Juliet Ibrahim recalls how she fought her way out of an abusive relationship

juliet ibrahim

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has once again shared her experience of suffering domestic violence in a previous romantic partnership. Previously, Juliet had disclosed that her ex-boyfriend had imprisoned her and sexually assaulted her repeatedly.

During a question and answer session on social media, the actress admitted to having experienced domestic abuse. On Friday, Juliet described how she made the choice to leave and fought her way out of the difficult situation.

Juliet Ibrahim

She also offered some helpful advice to fans on how to escape similar situations, saying, “Just walk away! I have been in this position myself and there is no staying. I fought my way out and you have to be strategic about it too. Have someone you trust on the outside who can help you plan your escape and exit before it is too late.”

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In a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, Juliet shared more details about how her sister came to her rescue while she was being abused by her boyfriend. Juliet explained that when she told him that his actions were rape, he allegedly responded by saying that they were in a relationship. Juliet described feeling scared and panicked during the experience, saying, “He was huge and taller than me. He raped me for days.”

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