Big win: UK government set to partner with Burna Boy for a show in Lagos

Burna boy

The Burna Boy “Lagos Loves Damini” show, which took place on January 1, has impressed the UK government to the point where it has begun talks with the organizers about a partnership that would bolster the entertainment sector in Nigeria. This partnership is intended to address the challenges and learning points identified during the show, such as inadequate power supply and power surges that caused equipment failure.

Burna boy

The meeting, held at the British Deputy High Commission in Lagos, included Creative Economy Catalyst Ltd and the Country Director for the UK Department for International Trade, Chim Chalemera. The show was praised for its various successes, such as being the first African show listed on Burna Boy’s official website and ticketing, the fact that it was the biggest outdoor music concert in Nigeria with over 30,000 attendees, and that it had the largest car parking at an event with over 11,000 cars. In addition, there were no reported casualties, theft, sexual assault, or sexual harassment at the show.

Burna Boy

The meeting also discussed the need for logistics support in areas like infrastructure and equipment hire, as well as vendor sourcing and management. Another topic of discussion was waste management after concerts and other large events, with the agreement that a proper waste recycling structure is crucial for preserving the environment and meeting international bio disposal and environmental standards.

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Chalemera expressed her excitement about the potential benefits of the partnership and stated that the UK is eager to support Creative Economy Catalyst and apply its expertise in large-scale entertainment events to future concerts and festivals in Nigeria. NAN reports that the partnership between Creative Economy Catalyst and the UK Department for International Trade is a major step towards the next round of international shows and concerts scheduled for 2023 in Lagos.

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