Teni reveals reasons behind her recent weight loss


Nigerian artist Teniola Apata, also known as Teni, has recently shared the story behind her dramatic weight loss, which saw her shed a total of 75 pounds without the use of surgery. This is an impressive accomplishment for anyone, but particularly noteworthy for Teni, who has previously identified as a plus-size singer. In a video released on Sunday, Teni revealed the motivations behind her weight loss journey and shared some of the challenges she faced along the way.

According to Teni, she was motivated to lose weight primarily out of concern for her own health. She stated that she didn’t want to die, and that this realization was a major factor in her decision to make a change. Teni also expressed a desire to serve as an inspiration to others and to demonstrate that it is possible to make positive changes in one’s life, no matter how daunting they may seem.

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In the video, Teni shared some details of her weight loss journey and the strategies she used to achieve her goals. She emphasized the importance of consistency and discipline, and encouraged others to remember that “impossible is nothing.” She concluded the video by wishing her audience a happy new year and expressing hope for the future.

Overall, Teni’s weight loss journey is a powerful and inspiring story that serves as a reminder of the importance of taking care of our health and making positive changes in our lives

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