Catholic bishop, Kaigama, implore presidential candidates to desist from promising Nigerians wrongly

The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, has issued a warning to presidential candidates vying for office in Nigeria’s 2023 elections. In a New Year’s message, he cautioned these candidates against making unrealistic campaign promises that they know will not be achievable. Kaigama emphasized the importance of peace and social progress in the coming year and urged candidates to campaign with respect and without inciting hatred or spreading misinformation. He also highlighted several key issues that he believes should be prioritized by candidates, including the resettlement of internally displaced persons, the rebuilding of communities that have been affected by violence, and the addressing of security challenges facing the country.

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In addition to these issues, Kaigama emphasized the need for candidates to focus on addressing poverty and unemployment in Nigeria. According to official statistics, 133 million Nigerians, out of an estimated total population of 206 million, live below the poverty line. He called on candidates to work towards the integration of different ethnic and religious groups in the country and to strive towards creating a more inclusive mindset that recognizes and respects the diversity of Nigeria.

Kaigama also urged voters to choose leaders who are willing and able to tackle the culture of violence, hostility, and other social ills that have plagued the country. He called for the appointment of qualified candidates from all regions to sensitive and important positions, and emphasized the need for leaders who are committed to bringing about positive change in Nigeria. He ended his message with a call for all Nigerians to work towards creating a brighter future for themselves and their country, and to approach the coming year with confidence and optimism.

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